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Natural hair is beautiful and unique which enables you to manipulate your hair to any style of your choice. In African history, we understand that our grandparents kept and enjoyed their natural hair which they treated with natural ingredients and oils. Many of them had very long hair and never experience premature graying because the natural products they used supplied sufficient nutrients to their hair.

It has become normal this day that many young people are having gray hair even in their twenties and thirties which was never the case before now but due to the type of products they use. Our grandparents never experienced hair fall like many of us are doing today.

It is no debate that naturals things are better and healthier. With natural food and products, you see that it is very easy to be free from toxic health interference. One of the beauties of taking care of the natural hair is that, what you eat is the same as what you apply on the outside and both work together to bring the desired result.

It happened that years and decades passed, some sets of people began to campaign that it is better to use chemically formulated products to relax our natural hair and said that it is difficult to carry or maintain the natural hair and so many people began to fall for it and moved on with chemicals on their hair and skin and in no time it was difficult to get people with their natural hair.

Decades came and gone, we began to see the devastating effects of some chemically formulated products on our hair, skin and health as reports of cancer and other brands of sicknesses became rampant especially among black women which was never the case before and after many considerations and understanding the root cause of those things, some people took off the campaign, education and reorientation on the need to return to nature and the campaign is gaining momentum and many are seeing the light. The result is that we have millions of women all over the world who embraced the reality and are now carrying their natural hair today and enjoying it. We from HaLet Classic Naturals are part of this huge campaign because natural hair is beautiful, safe, healthy and easy to maintain just with ingredients from your kitchen if you do not want to buy from recognized companies like us.

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