There is one most beneficial ingredient for the enhancement of a beautiful hair and skin. It is the most common thing that anyone can lay their hands on but yet its importance is not very utilized and that thing is WATER’ yes WATER. The best hair or skin moisturizer is water. For any product to work effectively for both hair and skin, it must sit on water. For instance, one need to spray water on the hair first before applying any products on it, especially the natural hair. It is the same case with our skin. We also have to bath or shower before applying our creams or oils because water goes into the pores first.

It is very beneficial to drink a lot of water because it helps in the general wellbeing of the body system which also facilitates healthy hair growth and glows the skin. The skin or hair can be dry due to absence of water which could cause hair fall and several skin irritations. Lack of sufficient water can also cause dryness of the eyes which can lead to redness and itchy eyes.

It has been noted by so many cream formulators and users that most creams work well on the skin when the skin is a bit wet and I am saying so too base on experience and more so on hair moisturizing where water plays the major role. Think about the dry season and the effect then think about your hair and skin without water. It is simple to say that there is no substitute for water anywhere.

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