I have seen numerous complaint from people on how the creams that they bought is making their face rough and with tiny rashes. This could be because they have sensitive face/skin and need to figure out what works best for them or visit a skin doctor but there is another unknown reason why this occur and many people never think towards that direction because it appears very insignificant.

The face is the most sensitive part of our body and need to be pampered specially. Many people unconsciously manipulate and pull their hair and then rob their face with same hand and the oil from the hair touches the face and begin to react negatively.

Some others eat things like snacks and mistakenly touch their face with same hand without properly washing their hands and you know that many snacks come with fatty oils which are unhealthy for the skin especially the face.

There are people who apply hair oil/cream to their hair and use the same hand to apply their face and body cream. The best thing to do is to work on your hair first and wash your hands with your bathing soap before applying your face and body cream.

I personally figured this out with my face and I realized that many women have the same complaint like I did. This simple discipline can give an amazing result and safety to our face and body.

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